Over 60% Of UK Online Shoppers Abandon Baskets Before Checkout

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I recently came across some findings from a survey commissioned by multi-channel marketing app provider Cloud IQ, which has found that around 70% of UK online users abandon their virtual shopping baskets before completing their purchases.

As many as 2,000 online shoppers in the UK were polled as part of the research, and were asked about the reasons behind their decision to add products to a website basket but not to proceed to the checkout process, The Drum reports.

More than a fifth of respondents admitted they cancel a purchase in cases when they are not able to talk to the retailer. About 50% of shoppers who choose to buy higher-value items costing £50 or more said they would feel more encouraged to complete an order if they are offered a free call from a representative of the e-commerce site. Communication with retailers is particularly important to tech-savvy consumers, who consider that a direct contact with traders notably increases their willingness to make a purchase.

Interestingly, female shoppers emerged as 7% more likely to back out of a purchase than men, the study also found.

Despite the increasing number of consumers switching from traditional stores to e-commerce websites, people still want a personalised aspect to their purchase, Cloud IQ’s chief executive, James Critchley, commented. Since UK consumers spend around £1,000 a year shopping online, retailers can no longer afford to ignore shoppers’ desire to communicate with them. Even when purchasing items on the web, people still want to talk to someone to better inform their decisions, according to Critchley.