44% Of Connected Brits Play Online Games

AUK on Gaming Brands

I knew online gaming was popular, but it was still a surprise to find out that 44% of UK Internet users now engage in this activity. Moreover, online gaming is popular with all age groups, and what was once a niche market has now gone mainstream.

I came across this information in an article on the Drum, which cited data compiled by Spil Games. The Dutch gaming platform has used the most recent comScore figures to create an infographic focused on the UK market. In an interview for The Drum, Spil Games VP of global brands, Oscar Diele, noted that gaming was capable of engaging men and women of all ages as there are so many games out there to suit a variety of tastes . Young girls typically go for “creative games,” enjoying the opportunity to create and share things. Young boys, on the other hand, favour sports and racing games and relish the element of competition. As for adults, their preference is for games they can use as a distraction and to enjoy a mental break, Diele explained.

Research has shown that online gamers constitute the most engaged Internet audience. According to Spil Games’ estimates, users spend around 30 minutes on its platform per visit, which is way above the results achieved by some of the most popular portals. For YouTube, for example, the figure is 14.5 minutes per visit, while Facebook and Tumblr clock up 12.7 and 10.6 minutes respectively. Diele pointed out that ads displayed on gaming websites have a higher CTR due to a more interactive audience, while relevant games make it easier to improve targeting.