Tea Brands Market To Younger Drinkers

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Traditional tea remains a popular beverage amongst Brits, yet it has seen a decline of sales in recent years. A combination of factors has contributed to this slide: the spread of coffee chains, the rise of healthier soft drinks and the growing popularity of herbal and fruit tea blends. But tea is making a comeback in the circle of younger drinkers and tea brands are stepping up their marketing efforts to capitalise on this revival.

According to an article I read recently in Marketing Week, the aim is to use the new found popularity to lift sales of traditional tea. Brands such as Twinings, Yorkshire Tea, PG Tips and Tetley are launching marketing campaigns to boost their brands and attract younger drinkers.

In the case of Twinings, efforts include a combination of new product revamps and a sharper focus on digital advertising instead of TV. As Twinings marketing director Heather Hartridge told Marketing Week, using word-of-mouth to boost sales is an attempt to make the brand more “light-hearted and fun,” while a rich selection of products has proved successful in attracting younger drinkers.

For Yorkshire Tea, the brand building campaign involves a digital campaign through Facebook and YouTube. The company claims that speciality tea drinkers are more and more likely to add traditional blends to their green, fruit and herbal teas. In addition to advertising, Yorkshire Tea is also hoping to raise its national profile with more in-store promotions and sampling activities.

Tetley is investing £8 million in an advertising strategy aimed at reviving sales growth. The brand is also in the process of tweaking its shopper marketing strategy. As for Unilever-owned PG Tips, it is launching a campaign focused on its new on-pack “Cuppa Club” loyalty scheme. The hope is that it will serve as a boost to the “catch-up cuppa” ritual.