The “Digital Breadcrumbs” Lawyers Must Leave For Customers

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In the legal industry, taking steps to capture the attention of potential customers is imperative. The chief goal of lawyers is to find people that might need their services and help customers to find them more easily. In this sense, they are leaving “digital breadcrumbs” for people to follow when they need lawyers, or at least when they are interested in the legal industry’s areas of expertise.

This is vital for keeping a business prospering, Nancy Myrland says in an article for Business2Community.

Blog posts are a particular example of digital breadcrumbs that lawyers should leave every day to spark the public’s interest in their work. Posting messages on LinkedIn, sending connection requests and making contributions in groups can build trust among potential customers. It will also spur engaging conversations between members of their target audience that can prove a turning point for a legal business.

Myrland also advises lawyers to share content posted by others, start discussions on the Facebook page of their company, constantly update their profiles on other platforms and tweet. Any presentation or webinar hosted by a legal firm are perfect digital breadcrumbs as well, the author claims.

All these types of content have the potential to spur interest in prospective clients, referral sources, media and other target groups; it is a way of constantly exciting their curiosity and building on their relationship with their audience. The insights gathered can help the legal profession better-inform their business decisions and respond more adequately to clients’ needs. This, in turn, allows them to maintain their relationship with customers until the end of their career.