TV Still Britons Most Preferred Advertising Platform

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It didn’t come as a surprise to find that TV is still the advertising medium with the largest influence on consumers and their buying decisions, at least according to a study carried out by Deloitte.

The professional services firm has found that 52% of the UK public considers TV to be the platform with the highest chance of persuading them to buy.

This is TV’s fifth win in a row in Deloitte’s annual research, although the platform took a knock of 12% in terms of fans. Three years earlier, the percentage of Britons ranking TV at the top had hit a record-high of 63%. Nevertheless, TV keeps performing buoyantly when taking into account the increasing popularity of new digital formats that threaten its popularity among consumers. On the digital front, opt-in email was one of the three formats rated the highest. At the other end of the spectrum were video ads and banner ads.

Newspaper advertising took a particular hit, winning support from just 14% of the UK public against 30% in 2009. Radio was cited as the best advertising platform by only 8% of respondents against 18% three years earlier.

Deloitte has estimated that UK consumers are exposed to nearly a trillion commercials a year. TV’s top position in this ranking is not surprising as it generally enjoys a very large audience, with the average Briton being in front of the TV more than four hours a day, Jodi Birkett, TMT partner at Deloitte in the north west, added.