40% Of Instagram’s 1,000 Most Shared Videos Are From Brands

Instagram social media channel

Today, more and more brands are using online video as part of their marketing strategies. Social networks may be dominated by user-generated content, but when it comes to Instagram, brands are certainly making a splash.

The latest Viral Video Chart compiled by marketing technology developer Unruly to find that 40% of the 1,000 most shared videos on the site in September were posted by brands.

The solid presence of branded content on Instagram is a clear indication that marketing bosses realise the power of video for driving engagement with consumers. Although the mobile app has had video functionality for only five months, brands have been quick to capitalise on its surging popularity: over 80 brands have made it into Unruly’s Viral Chart, among them are well-known corporate names as Samsung, Nike, BMW, Disney, General Electric, and Red Bull.

The latest edition of the chart has MTV ranked first among brands by the number of shares. The TV music channel has 84 videos present on the top 1,000 list, and they clocked up 134,110 shares in total on Facebook, Twitter, and on blogs. The top five brand list also features the NBA, Peanuts, and GoPro.

When it comes to the leader among individual brand videos, the crown was snatched by Peanuts’ Snoopygram, which was shared 26,962 times. The second place went to EA Sport’s FIFA 14 real-time spot with 16,499 shares, while HBO’s promo for its Girls show finished third with 15,376.

Finally, a look at the winners among industry verticals: those enjoying the greatest popularity on Instagram in September were entertainment and clothing.