Facebook Loses Out To Twitter As Teens Favourite Social Platform

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The semi-annual teen market research report from investment bank Piper Jaffray finds that young people across the globe no longer think that Facebook is cool enough and are increasingly turning to rival Twitter. The micro-blogging networking site has overtaken the world’s most popular social platform as the channel considered the most important to younger people, the study reveals.

The report, titled Taking Stock with Teens, shows that last year Facebook was rated the most influential social media outlet by 42% of teens, but in 2013 only 23% agreed this still holds true. And while Facebook has been losing importance to the younger demographic, Twitter has been gaining momentum. The site is now considered by 26% of teens as the site with the highest influence. Instagram, which has been a Facebook asset since 2012, has also soared in popularity among younger people – 23% of them now rank it as their most important social media site, or twice the 12% rate recorded last year, which makes it the third most loved social hub.

According to teens who took part in a similar survey conducted by researcher Pew, they now shun Facebook due to the growing use of the site by parents and adults, because they think other users are sharing too much information and the “drama” that could result between “friends” on the platform. Despite its declining popularity, however, teens continue to use the site as they believe that appearing there is part of the overall teenage socialising process.