Brand Websites Preferred Hub For Entering Competitions

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Social media is gradually becoming the top choice for brands wishing to have a strong platform for running promotions, but in their rush to share consumers’ excitement with new media formats, they shouldn’t overlook other effective methods for engagement.

The results from a November study from prize promotion specialist Spark and Fuse among 2,000 Britons shows that brand websites remain the most favoured hub for taking part in competitions, mentioned by 28% of respondents. Another 13% said they preferred to enter competitions through e-mail, while just 9% pointed to social media as the best method.

Social media was unsurprisingly the most popular method for taking part in competitions with the younger demographic, with 27% of respondents aged 18-24 selecting this channel.

Home PCs are the devices used by more than half of respondents for signing-up for promotions. One in ten respondents enter competitions via office computers, 8% use smartphones, and 5% use tablets.

Seven in ten Brits also admit they would switch from their regular brand to another if it offers a prize promotion, with a third claiming they would be likely to inform friends and family about a promotion that is worth taking advantage of.

In regard to gender, the split is fairly equal – 66% of female consumers said they had previously entered a competition, while 64% of males stated that this was also the case.