Adding Mobile To Retargeting Mix Boosts Sales By 18%

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Marketers are using various tactics to regain the interest of customers who have been inactive over a certain period of time, or of those who did not make a purchase after visiting a brand’s website. Many resort to sending re-engagement e-mails to offer tempting discounts, but results from a new research suggest that adding a mobile element to retargeted advertising is the best method.

According to personalised targeting specialist myThings, mobile-based retargeting has the potential to generate 18% higher sales than campaigns utilising simple targeting techniques. Using mobile-centric messages to earn again a customer’s trust results in a 46% increase in click-through rates, and also drives a 37% reduction in enhanced cost-per-click (eCPC) costs.

The study also shows that mobile consumers are quicker to take action when making a decision about purchases, with figures confirming that they are 13 times faster to convert into a customer from their last website visit than users of desktop computers.

Bringing a mobile-based approach to retargeting strategies will benefit brands focusing on both smartphone and tablet consumers, according to the report. Smartphones, in particular, are great for retargeting thanks to their increasing adoption, while tablets’ power to win customer engagement is a result of the user-friendly profile of these gadgets and the easiness of completing transactions.

Another benefit of mobile-based retargeting is the fact that shoppers using mobile devices remain active on weekends, unlike those using desktop. On Saturdays and Sundays, mobile conversations are just 6% fewer compared to weekdays, while the rate for desktop conversation is minus 30%.