A Great Tablet Experience Has A Positive Effect On Brand Perception

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Receiving a good shopping experience on tablets is starting to have an effect on the relationship between a consumer and a brand, technology platform company Usablenet claims. A positive online shopping experience is key to successful e-commerce, a recent white paper article from the company reveals.

According to the technology expert, delivering a tablet shopping experience that fails to provide value can risk harming a brand’s reputation and make customers less likely to recommend them to friends.

The findings from the company’s survey of 671 consumers and 100 retailers in the UK and US found that 77% of customers would be less willing to shop with a brand that offers a poor or unsatisfying experience on tablet devices.

The report suggests that tablets are becoming a more trusted and desired part of the multi-channel shopping experiences of consumers. Customers primarily want to receive the same content they find on the desktop adapted to the size and capabilities of a tablet device. The research also highlights the difference in the way consumers use the gadgets as compared to smartphones, with nearly half (46%) of UK respondents stating they generally use them at home rather than when out; this is another critical factor for retailers to consider when devising marketing strategies for tablets.

Analysing the behaviour of tablet users is particularly useful for retailers wishing to adjust their activities to the growing “showrooming” trend. According to Usablenet’s findings, 66% of tablet owners use their devices when they want to research products before making a purchase, with a similar percentage (63%) using tablets to check prices and look up store information.