Today’s Super Shopper: A Profile

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Smartphones and tablets are reshaping the shopping experiences of customers, creating a new breed of consumers called the Super Shoppers, Deloitte names it in a new study commissioned by eBay.

Super Shoppers are consumers who browse for products using various mobile devices and embrace new services such as click & collect, in addition to shopping online and in-store. They represent only 18% of frequent shoppers, but contributed to 70% of UK retail sales last year. Super Shoppers are generally more likely to research a product before making a purchase, but the value of their order could be up to 50% higher than those made through a single channel. The main assistant for Super Shoppers is their mobile device, as they are almost twice as likely to use them to enhance their shopping experience by comparing prices and browsing online whilst in a physical store.

Store location and opening hours are not an obstacle for the Super Shopper, as they can make a purchase anytime, anywhere. They can begin, pause and restart shopping trips across multiple channels as they accommodate shopping into their busy lifestyles. Super Shoppers are typically aged 25-44, are usually employed and are likely to be in the AB social grade.

eBay states that all shoppers show some Super Shopper characteristics, since connected consumers as a whole greatly benefit from the opportunities provided by omni-channel retailing. The study claims that 74% of shoppers visit online marketplaces, review and price comparison sites to inform their purchasing decisions. Nearly a third of online users follow brands on social media and 22% feel impacted by a companies’ presence on networking platforms.