56% Of UK SME’s Using Twitter To Drive Traffic

Twitter social commerce

For small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) in the UK and Ireland, Twitter is not just another social media platform, but rather a powerful business tool that can greatly enhance their marketing, sales and customer service activity.

Small companies are in fact so content with the channel’s impact on their business that 83% of them would recommend it to peers, Nielsen has found in new research.

The results from the report were published in a Twitter blog by the channel’s director of SMB EMEA, who said that a positive answer to the question “Would you recommend it to others?” was a great endorsement for any service.

The poll collected responses from 100 SMEs across the UK and Ireland and the results also revealed that 72% of firms hold the micro-blogging platform in high regards, due to the difference it makes to their marketing strategies and the impact it has on their earnings. Another 56% said they use Twitter because of the traffic it brings to their site.

Overall, the responses suggested that using Twitter helps small firms deliver a valuable and productive business experience, with 72% of the sample expressing their satisfaction with the platform. Some 70% of respondents said that appearing on Twitter is a productive use of company time and 69% believe that the network is an essential tool for business.

Simplicity emerged as the primary reason driving local SMEs to the platform, with 93% of respondents praising it for its user-friendly settings. Smaller firms are also confident in the platform’s capacity to deliver strong returns as 68% of respondents said they expect their investment in the time spent on Twitter to grow in the coming year.