Multi-Screening Doesn’t Always Involve The TV

Multichannel Integrated Advertising

Watching TV is an activity largely associated with multi-screening – dividing attention between a number of different screens, such as a laptop or mobile device – but new research from the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) UK reveals that roughly a third of UK smartphone users who multi-screen do not include the TV at all.

The report found that of the 34% of UK consumers who did not engage with the TV while multi-screening, more than half divided their attention between a laptop and a smartphone. Another 27% used a smartphone while on their desktop computer, particularly male users. One in five multi-screen users was found to engage in simultaneous activities on their smartphone and tablet.

The significant percentage of multi-screening that does not involve the TV could be explained with the growing popularity of Internet TV, which allows users to watch shows on their laptop, desktop PC or tablet while using a smartphone to complement their first-screen experience, eMarketer commented.

Surprisingly, the laptop, not the smartphone or tablet, appears to be the most popular device for screen-hopping whilst watching TV, according to Deloitte. Recent research from the company revealed that over 90% of Internet users in the UK use a laptop for second-screening whilst TV viewing at least once a week. The percentage of those using a smartphone or tablet was measured at 89% and 83% respectively. Laptops also took the lead in daily multi-screening activity, where almost 60% of users said they used the device while in front of the TV every day.