How Well Do You Know Your Social Media Followers?

Social Media channel advertising users

Social media has been with us for more than ten years (has it been that long already?) and it has become the first stop for marketers seeking to make more people aware of their brands and attract loyal customers. People have different behaviours and communicate differently online than they do in real life; by understanding their followers better when it comes to online communication, brands will find it easier to effectively engage with them. We’ve seen it done well by companies like Dell, and is-handled by others like Next. So as a helping hand, here are some of the most popular types of social media users, (thanks ReachLocal for the insights).

One of the most common forms of followers is the Casual Liker, who usually hit the “like” button on a business page after a past purchase or experience, or if they find the content the the brand provides interesting. They are very likely to share your content, make more people aware of your brand and simply need a strong call-to-action to start spreading the word.

Next are the Quiet Followers, who like to read online content but rarely contribute. They can be motivated to engage through invitations to like a status update, a photo or a video. This will trigger a rise in the number of posts appearing in their News Feeds, which will boost your brand exposure as a result.

Be on the alert if you find to have Unhappy Customers among your social media fans. Just one unhappy customer can spoil your reputation in the eyes of others, so it’s vital to check for negative feedback and complaints. React quickly to show that you understand and appreciate customer feedback and value your audience.

You should be lucky if you have The Loyal Fan on your side, since this is the user who is most responsible for word-of-mouth marketing of your brand. Make sure you show your gratitude to them by providing previews and discounts to further increase their loyalty, or use their own content regarding your brand as a testimonial.