Last-Minute Ideas For Valentine Themed Contests On Facebook

Facebook Love Campaign

Valentine’s Day is approaching, presenting a marketers with a good opportunity to take advantage of the special occasion. With 57% of active Facebook users listed as married, engaged or in a relationship, here are some ideas for last-minute contests from Facebook application expert Shortstack that might help rekindle a spark with loved-up fans.

For marketers seeking to collect user-generated content, launching a photo or video contest is the best way to gather a large amount of information. Brands could ask fans to post photos of themselves with their children, spouse or pet in a “Who’s Your Valentine?” contest. Similarly asking for images of fans with the company product or a home-made gift is guaranteed to generate a high-volume of responses. Companies can even urge their Facebook community to vote for the top entry.

For a brand wishing to gain a unique insight from its fans, launching an essay contest can shed light on how consumers interact with their products and help optimise their campaigns in the future. On Valentine’s Day, many people like experimenting in the kitchen to please their partner, so brands could ask followers to take part in a cooking-based contest, sharing favourite recipes and possibly winning prizes for the most delicious entrants. Another essay contest idea is inviting your community to share stories about how they met their spouse, with your marketing team choosing the winning story. A contest prompting users to write “love” letters to you, explaining in just a couple of sentences why they appreciate your products, will provide the most meaningful insights.