Facebook Counts 4.1M UK Mums As Valued Users

Facebook social media mum consumer

With Mother’s Day on the horizon, Facebook has decided to use the celebration for inspiration, and has counted how many mothers in the UK use the platform as well as identify their level of engagement by measuring their activity.

In an article on its UK business page, Facebook said that there are as many as 4.1 million UK mothers currently using the channel. What’s more, mums appeared to be pretty huge fans of Facebook as almost nine out of ten (88%) used the network every day.

The research also suggested that UK mums are among the platform’s most engaged and connected users as they were found to post twice the number of comments than other UK women aged over 18. They also tend to like 1.9 times more pages, come up with 1.8 times more posts or status updates and upload 1.6 times more photos.

The report also looked into the times most preferred by UK mothers for logging onto the site. According to the platform’s own estimates, mums are most likely to be seen on the platform between 12pm and 3pm during the week. Mothers also tend to use a mobile device, rather than a laptop or desktop PC, to access the channel.

At the time the report was conducted, beauty products, jewellery and chocolate were the most popular gifts being discussed on Facebook; slightly more surprising products such as origami and hampers were also mentioned. Conversations about Mother’s Day presents were predominantly initiated by younger users who used Facebook to share ideas with friends.