3 Steps For A Successful Mobile Marketing Campaign

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With mobile marketing quickly dominating the sector, marketers need to adjust to this growing trend in order to achieve the best possible results in their industry. Here are three key methods to consider with regards to mobile marketing, in order to take advantage of the trend and achieve the best possible results:

Social media has become a powerful marketing tool, and when combined with mobile its influence is becoming even greater. Marketers need to embrace social networks including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn as the opportunities to be found on these channels should not be missed. For example, Facebook offers an “App Install” advertising feature that allows the easy promotion of apps, which can grow a user base. Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat also have such features.

Mobile banner ads are another feature that offers many advantages. Currently, marketers can choose from a broad range of ads, such as sliding ads, expandable ads and adhesion ads, with each one of these formats providing different opportunities depending on the marketers’ needs. These new banner ads drive higher user engagement than traditional banner ads.

Mobile video has become extremely important for consumers, as the larger screens now available on smartphones mean people find it easier and more enjoyable to watch videos on their device – hence the increased popularity of mobile video advertising. Social media has also influenced the way marketers create and share videos, as both Twitter and Facebook allow videos to be played within their mobile applications. Other social networks, including Vine and Instagram, also have video features, which allow users to create their own video and share it. Many brands have already found creative ways to use this option and take advantage of the long-term benefits it produces.