How To Interact With Customers On Social Media Channels


Social media marketing provides brands with many opportunities and has become a medium businesses can no longer afford to neglect. Forbes has put together a few tips on how to make use of social channels, how to interact with users and boost business growth.

Never forget that timing is everything – schedule emails, tweets and Facebook posts to be delivered and appear on websites at the optimum time for consumer viewing. Plan the messages according to the targeted audience, for example around lunch time or after school if children and teenagers are your top demographic. Make sure you reach your users when they are in front of their computers or surfing on their mobile devices.

Featuring a call to action is equally as important. If your business needs likes or shares, you’ll have to ask for it to get it; users will not always share your post unless they know that you want them to do so. The best way to achieve this goal is to remind users exactly what they need to do to receive a service or a product from your brand. Also, do not forget to ask a question at the end of every post, as this draws higher comment rates than, say, a question placed at the beginning of the post.

Use images. People like and enjoy visual content; pictures resonate more with users than text, as is easier to scan over an image than read a paragraph of text. Images attract 53% more likes, 104% more comments and 84% more click-through rates, according to Kissmetrics.