41% Of Britons Happy To Buy Online

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E-commerce is rapidly growing in the UK as users are becoming more happy to shop online, figures show. In fact, 41% of Britons are content to purchase items over the web according to “The Future of Online Retail” report by YouGov, commissioned by Vouchercodes.co.uk.

However according to the study, which polled 2,000 consumers, 59% of respondents felt there were still barriers holding them back from buying online, suggesting that if retailers want to encourage shoppers to make online purchases they should make efforts to overcome such issues. The report revealed that 18% of buyers prefer to visit a physical store, as it’s perceived as a more real or social experience; at the same time 30% of consumers prefer to actually see and feel items before purchasing – especially consumers aged 18-24.

Among the factors putting consumers off shopping online is difficulty in arranging a preferred delivery time, as mentioned by 18% of the sample. The hassle of returning an unwanted or incorrect order and privacy concerns over personal payment data posted online was also cited by 21% and 19% of respondents respectively.

Despite the notable shift in consumer shopping behaviours over the past few years, the majority of users still consider visiting physical stores as their preferred way of shopping, says Marina McKeever, senior sales director at Vouchercodes.co.uk.

Physical stores remain important for shoppers and the high street is still ingrained in their shopping journeys. Companies that wish to succeed should adjust their marketing strategies and become multi-channel, as this will encourage buyers to interact with their brand via various platforms – no matter where they decide to buy – McKeever added.