Consumers Engage With Financial Ads More On Weekends

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Consumers are most likely to make use of special offers from financial companies late on Saturday and Sunday, Rocket Fuel has concluded in new research focusing on the financial services.

The artificial intelligence advertising solutions provider looked into 2,300 finance-related commercials on its platform over a period of two months, establishing that consumers were considerably more likely to act upon ads seen on Saturdays and Sundays, when conversion rates were found to be 16% and 30% higher, respectively. This was most likely to happen late at night, with conversion rates touching their highest level, perhaps somewhat surprisingly, between midnight and 6am.

Ads promoting a special offer resonated more with consumers than those that didn’t feature such incentives, the research also found. While consumers were generally attracted by special or limited-time offers, the “learn more” option appeared to be the most effective call to action, the expert said.

With regards to creativity and design, animated ads showed lower click-through rates but resulted in substantially higher conversion rates. Conversion rates were also greatly dependant on the colours used in the commercial, with commercials using green, white or yellow as the dominant colours drawing the strongest engagement.

Rocket Fuel also found that ads promoting credit cards featuring a human face were twice as likely to make consumers click on an ad and convert. At the same time, ads that didn’t feature an image of the credit card itself were less likely to attract consumers’ interest than ads that did display an image of the product.