Nielsen Study Explains Why UK Consumers Follow Brands On Twitter


Many UK users of micro-blogging and networking site Twitter choose to follow brands not only to make use of the freebies they offer but because they simply have a love for the brand.

This is one of the key conclusions from a study carried out by Nielsen among UK consumers, which found that 59% of those using Twitter follow brands on the channel. The majority (55%) of Twitter users said they do so just because they like the brand.

The research also revealed that 52% of UK users join a brand’s army of followers to keep up-to-date with special offers and discounts, while a similar proportion (51%) do so in order to read news about the brand and keep informed of any developments.

Some 44% of brand followers seek to learn about new products and services, while another 38% are current customers of the brand they follow.

Taking part in competitions is a reason for following brands on Twitter for nearly four out of ten (38%) Twitter users, while the interesting and entertaining content they tweet is an incentive for 34% of Twitter account holders, who do so to keep tabs on a brand. A third of users monitor a brand on Twitter to take advantage of free product giveaways and special promotions, but for 30% of users following a brand is so they are able to gain access to exclusive online content delivered only to loyal followers. Some 27% keep track of brands to provide brand feedback when they feel the need.