Google Makes MCC Scripts Available For All AdWords Users

Google offices

Google has made the scripts of its My Client Center (MCC) tool available to all users of its AdWords service. The tool allows PPC marketers to manage more than one account from a single AdWords dashboard, saving a significant amount of time. With the newly available scripts account managers will also be able to introduce and manage changes to the accounts they are responsible for using JavaScript coding.

Armed with the code, AdWords users will be able to optimise all managed accounts simultaneously and also analyse how each of these accounts performs before adjusting advertising inventory bids. All of this will take less time than before and has the added perk of generating HTML or PDF reports for all accounts. The MCC code will also help account managers in their maintenance work, allowing them to check accounts for problems such as paused campaigns, broken URLs, conflicting keywords or budget caps. In short, it will provide them with much greater flexibility than they currently have, Search Engine Watch reports.

Google first introduced the MCC scripts this March, initially as a beta sign-up. Marketing professionals using AdWords can now get the scripts by going to My Client Center from their dashboard and clicking on Scripts in the left-hand side menu. Google has also taken into account the fact that not all marketers on AdWords are familiar with JavaScript code by providing a code snippet page. The snippets are distributed across sections, with each section containing the code snippet linked to the function a user wants enabled.