TV Viewers Log Into Social Media Sites To Discuss Shows

Social Media Marketing

The relationship between TV and social media is continuously evolving as more and more consumers flock to social channels to discuss their favourite TV shows. This trend was highlighted in recent research carried out by Pulsar, together with Tumblr, presenting marketers with a sound opportunity to connect with audiences before and after a show.

The findings were based on discussions about certain TV series, including Sherlock, Supernatural, Pretty Little Liars, Sleepy Hollow and Malcolm in the Middle, and reveal that discussions are 31% higher on Tumblr an hour after a TV show finishes than while the show is being broadcast. The researchers also counted 7.3 million posts, including re-blogs, on the micro-blogging platform over an 11-day period before, during and after key episodes. The number of tweets and retweets related to the specific TV series on Twitter was considerably lower during the studied period – at 3.1 million.

The research suggests that Twitter is the more popular network for discussions whilst the show is on air, generating 621,000 posts compared to 91,000 on Tumblr. However, activity on Twitter then declines and users appear to be switching to Tumblr, with nearly two-thirds of TV-related posts triggered by visual content. The researchers also found that 94% of Tumblr posts about TV shows are actually re-blogs.

One of the major conclusions from the study is that social TV, particularly on Tumblr, doesn’t simply mean real-time second screen behaviour, but rather sustained audience engagement over time, Francesco D’Orazio, VP product at Pulsar, said. This gives network professionals and advertisers a strong opportunity for boosting user engagement, he added.