Facebook Introduces Premium Ads In UK

Facebook social user

Facebook will offer premium video ads to a limited number of UK corporate clients, the company announced in a blog post. Apart from the UK, premium video ads and improved video metrics will also be launched in Japan, France, Canada, Brazil, Australia and Germany.

The premium video ad format aims to reach a wide audience by targeting advertisers willing to invest in high-quality video and audio material. The ad works by playing without sound at first, which stops if the user scrolls past. However, if they click the ad, it expands into full-screen mode and starts playing with sound. Facebook said it will gradually expand the offer of premium video ads and will monitor closely how users react to them. This limited series approach will allow the network to focus its creative work on a few advertisers, ensuring high quality ads and consequently the most engaging experience for its users. The ads will start appearing on the network for the respective countries in the next few months.

Facebook will also introduce improved video metrics tools, which will be available to Page owners in the Page Insights and Ads Reporting sections. These tools will be rolled out globally over the next few weeks and will allow Page owners to what motivates users to watch a video, but also the total number of video views, the number of unique video views, the average duration of views and the rate of audience retention. The tools will be available for both paid and organic videos that are uploaded directly to pages and this includes the new premium video ads.