Mobile-Video Combo Opens New Doors To Marketers

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With 75% of consumers using their mobile phones to watch video and 15% of all video hours viewed on smartphones and tablets across the world, the time is right for marketers to take advantage of the benefits video content and mobile tech offer, says Coull chief executive officer Irfon Watkins in an article for IAB UK. The company connects advertisers with online video content through a context-bound clickable link.

comScore figures related to the percentage of videos viewed on mobile devices reveal just how much technological advancements have changed consumer behaviours. Modern smartphones have bigger screens, videos are higher-quality and 4G users are expected to view more video anytime, anywhere. This gives marketers the opportunity to reach their audiences in places and during hours they previously couldn’t.

Video is the most engaging online format, with 12% of Britons watching video on a mobile device on a daily basis, according to Strategy Analytics’ Mobile Video Report. This is a huge opportunity for marketing, but it also has to be approached carefully. Advertising surrounding video must be relevant and not interrupt user experience; in other words, it must be native. However, native advertising is not always relevant and can often trick users into thinking they are viewing editorial content. To deal with these challenges, Watkins suggests embedding context-dependent ads directly into the mobile video content. This alternative method adds value to the user experience and reduces the risk of misleading audiences and compromising consumer trust.

Consumers are far more likely to engage with online video ads when it is delivered in a timely manner and is relevant to them, Watkins concludes.