Blogging Has Become A Profession In The UK

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It has become common for bloggers in the UK to be paid for their work – in fact, 65% of bloggers now receive some form of income for their writing, while 27% are pursuing blogging as a career, a new report from Mason Williams Communications reveals. The study, which is part of a Pan-European Blogbarometer survey carried out in nine European markets, showed that bloggers in the UK are much more commercially-savvy in their blogging endeavours compared to those in other countries.

The study also found out that 49% of local bloggers get paid for their efforts; moreover, a staggering 93% of them are targeted for PR and marketing objectives. In comparison, those contacted for the same purpose in other European countries reached just 68%.

Social media is the major channel for bloggers sharing their content, the report also revealed. Twitter is the most popular network, used by 96% of UK bloggers, while 83% and 61% are keen on using Facebook and Pintrest, respectively.

UK bloggers are now leading the way among their European peers, says Mason Williams’ CEO John Williams. Most spread their ideas across a variety of social platforms, thus increasing their audiences and influence, according to Williams.

The nature of blogging is changing and, similar to other forms of media, companies are becoming aware of the impact that a credible bloggers’ opinion could have on consumer behaviour. Since brands are trying to influence areas which may seem out of reach, bloggers are now becoming crucial to achieving such purposes. Digital communication is key to a brand’s success and this is where bloggers can step in and make a change, Williams concluded.