How Can Businesses Benefit From Marketing Automation?

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Marketing automation is a great tool for improving a company’s e-mail marketing, as well as optimising landing pages and lead management, according to Deskgod Inc’s CEO Daniel Hristov. In an article for the Business2Community website, Hristov provides analysis on the benefits and challenges associated with marketing automation.

Citing different studies, Hristov says that companies using marketing automation enjoy a 451% boost of their qualified lead generation. Moreover, the cycles of such businesses have increased in speed by 70% and quota achievements increased by 54%.

The CEO adds that by 2015 it is estimated that the number of companies adopting marketing automation will increase by 60%. However, although the solution can attract website traffic, improve user experience and allow for web analytics, it cannot turn leads into customers by itself.

Other challenges are also associated with marketing automation. Hristov says that in 64% of the cases, marketing executives do not have a strategy for managing marketing automation. It can therefore end up being ineffective due to poor quality of content, not enough leads or inadequate sales and management processes. Marketing automation can also fail if marketers are unable to engage with potential customers, Hristov believes.

In order to cope with this issue, companies can now use web-sales automation solutions; these possess exceptional tracking capabilities that follow each customer’s specific behaviour. If they detect any form of hesitation, a chat window pops up and offers real time support to page visitors. Moreover, the smart solution enables companies to segment their clients more accurately and thus devise methods for targeting specific samples.

By using web-sales automation, some businesses were able to increase their client base by 25% in a few months, according to Hristov. Other companies reported a 60% boost in the number of closed deals their completed and up to 500% ROI.