10% Of Young TV Viewers Rely On Social Media For Programme Tips

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New research from YouView reveals that a tenth of TV viewers in the 18-24 age group receive most of their tips regarding what to watch from channels such as Facebook and Twitter. At the same time, if they have to catch up on a TV programme, young viewers tend to steer clear of their social media accounts in order to not ruin their viewing experience with possible spoilers.

The Internet TV provider also said that 14% of TV viewers in this age group were active on Facebook whilst they were watching their favourite shows, and 16% used Twitter whilst watching TV. However, the portion of those who knew what “second screening” meant was relatively small at only 19%. The sample included a total of 2,000 people.

Commenting on the research findings, YouView product director Susie Buckridge said that it was interesting to see how viewers choose what to watch at a time when the choice of TV programmes is greater than ever. There are also now more ways to watch TV than ever before. Furthermore, research results show that having a personal touch can have the biggest influence on young UK viewers; be it a recommendation on Facebook or Twitter, or a tip from a friend or a family member.

In relation to social networks, the younger generation is not alone in trying to avoid spoilers, and about 60% of all regular TV viewers do the same when it comes to shows they have yet to catch up on.