Mobile Ads Have Higher CTRs In Mobile Ads Than On Desktop

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Recent data shows that the click-through rates (CTRs) for ads found on mobile apps are much higher than those for desktop web ads, Warc reports. The information is sourced from 300 billion data points gathered from mobile ad campaigns leading to June of this year.

Medialets, a mobile ad measurement platform, concluded from the data that ads from apps achieved a CTR of 0.58%, whereas those from mobile web only recorded a CTR of 0.23%. Ads from tablets achieved a CTR rate 44% higher than those on handsets, with travel and entertainment ads receiving 60% higher CTRs than retail ads.

The research also found that while four fifths of users will watch the first two thirds of a video ad, only 33% will watch a video ad through to the end. This indicates that advertisers need to focus their call to action in the early stages of a video.

CTRs on ads placed on demand side platforms (DSPs) were 0.3%, whereas ads placed directly by publishers recorded CTRs of 0.47% and those placed on ad networks received 0.6%. Medialets stated that one reason behind the impressive performance of mobile ads could be due to their ability to not only secure clicks, but also conversions. Eric Litman, CEO of the company, stated that mobile ads work because consumers “do almost everything on their phone that they do on their desktop.”

However, the information gathered doesn’t take note of native ads on Facebook or Twitter as the social media sites have possession of such data. These are hugely popular and may skew Medialet’s findings, Forbes notes.