Twitter, Facebook & Instagram Launch Analytics Tools

AUK on Social Media Marketing

Three major social media sites have recently launched analytics tools, allowing marketers to receive real-time insights into activity on the sites, Marketing Week reports. Instagram was the most recent site to introduce such a tool, granting marketers the power to look further into the performance of branded and organic content on the site. Twitter’s tool allows professionals to connect with users in every day circumstances, whereas Facebook has introduced a tool showing advertisers how their ads on the site can generate sales.

All these tools have been hailed as useful and a positive addition to the social sites’ repertoire. Although they have been described as somewhat “self-serving”, as the sites do of course want marketers and advertisers to use the site to promote their company or brand, the fact remains that the insights generated are very useful and should not be discounted because of this factor.

With more tools available, companies and brands will be able to make the most of real-time insights into audience behaviours and preferences, thus enabling them to connect more effectively and launch more targeted campaigns and strategies.

The reason these tools work so well is because social media sites are driven by the consumer; by looking deeper into the messages and opportunities that occur in real-time from people on the sites, marketers will be able to discover what works and when, and thus take advantage of the insights for the benefit of their company.

However, these real-time insights should not become the sole focus of marketers. Long-term insights for lengthy campaigns and more in-depth research projects are also very important for a well-rounded knowledge base of a company’s consumers.