Real-Time Performance Ad Data Now Offered By Instagram

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In a bid to expand upon its advertising offerings, Instagram is looking to offer experts instant access to performance data related to their latest posts, Marketing Week reports. New analytics tools will allow professionals to see how branded and paid content is shared on the photo-sharing network.

Instagram’s previous offering allowed advertisers to request information on various campaigns, receiving it directly from the site. Now, however, they will be able to automatically access the information from a bespoke dashboard, allowing them to gain more insights into the best time of day to post videos or photos.

There are three new tools available: ‘Account Insights’; ‘Ad Insights’; and ‘Ad Staging’. The first tool will allow marketers to follow how an unpaid post performs through engagement, impressions and reach. ‘Ad Insights’ will allow professionals to track paid campaigns with analytics such as the reach and frequency of every individual ad sent to the target audience. Finally, ‘Ad Staging’ gives advertisers the ability to preview, save and work together on future campaigns.

Whilst Facebook allows advertisers to instantly alter campaigns off the back of insights gained from analytics, Instagram – which is owned by the social network – will not let advertisers make real-time changes. The new tools have been undergoing a testing period with a select few advertising partners, and will be rolled out on a wider scale in the coming months.

The photo-sharing site first began working with brands on ads in October 2013, with these new tools its latest bid to increase the value of advertising on the site. The site boasts over 200 million users worldwide, meaning that it is a prime site for advertising space.