Marketers Must Utilise User’s Emotions On Twitter

Twitter social commerce

As was discussed at the Web Summit 2014 this month, marketers hoping the make the most of the new ecommerce service on Twitter need to be sure to generate an emotional connection with users, according to the social site’s head of global revenue, Marketing Week reports.

Adam Bain, who was speaking at the event, stated that Twitter is a real-time platform, therefore marketers should focus on encouraging users to make a purchase whilst “in the moment”, as it were. A ‘Buy Now’ button was introduced on the site in September of this year, allowing users to click through to an ecommerce site when they tweet about a particular product or service. The site is partnered with only a few select brands at the moment, namely Burberry, Home Depot and a few music artists.

The latest financial results for the social media site show that this latest foray into generating revenue from its expansive user base is going well; revenues increased by 114% in Q3 of this year to reach £227 million.

Bain noted that the company was “experimenting with different price points and products and, most importantly, what emotions you need to generate as a business to actually get somebody to buy in the moment.”

A lot of the revenue generated by Twitter is from the advertising services that the platform offers. With this service brands are able to buy ‘promoted’ tweets that target a specific user base. This is being used by a number of different companies and brands from various industries, Bain claims – however it is essential for them all to appreciate the value of engaging with their various target audiences on an emotional level.