More Men To Shop In-Store This Black Friday

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It is predicted that this coming Black Friday shopping extravaganza will see more men take to the stores than women, The Drum reports. Black Friday – aka November 28th – is an American shopping day with huge discounts on a number of products that has made its way across the Atlantic in recent years.

Research conducted by firm Nielsen questioned 1,150 respondents, all over the age of 18, and asked them about what their shopping habits are likely to look like this coming Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It was found that 53% of men said they would shop in-store on Black Friday, compared to 50% of women – however, more women (at 60%) were likely to shop on Cyber Monday compared to their male counterparts.

The most popular places for people to shop on Black Friday will be department stores (56%), discount stores (55%) and electronic stores (49%). Two-fifths of people expect to shop online.

It was found that those who preferred to conduct their shopping online were more likely to use a laptop (89% of respondents said so), compared to 33% who planned to use a smartphone or tablet.

The most popular items likely to be bought this coming Black Friday and Cyber Monday will be clothing (58%); consumer electronics (52%); video games and consoles (45%); gift cards (36%); and toys (34%).

In terms of the amount of money the respondents predicted they would spend, 56% said it was likely to be between $100 and $500 (£64-£320), whereas just under a third predicted it would be between $250 and $500 (£160-£320).