Facebook Due To Advertise How Relevant Ads Are For Users


Facebook recently announced that it is going to be adding relevancy scores to the adverts that appear on users’ profiles, The Drum reports. This means that users will now be able to see only the ads that are the most relevant to them and their interests, leading to a more immersive experience for them.

Advertisers should be aware that the relevancy scores are calculated based on the feedback received from users on ads – both positive and negative. If an ad receives a lot of positive feedback, then it will mean it has a higher relevancy score. Positive indicators include the number of conversions an ad generates and views, whereas negative indicators include when an ad is hidden, blocked or reported.

The score will consist of a number between one and ten with ten being the highest and most relevant score. Every time an ad receives some interactions the score will be updated – either for better or worse depending on the type of interaction.

In a blog post on its website, Facebook states that relevancy scores are important because they can help to lower the cost of reaching potential customers, as the higher an ads relevancy score the less it costs to be delivered; they can help advertisers to test the effectiveness of an ad before launching a full campaign; and they can also help to optimise already-running campaigns.

Jerry Daykin, the global digital and client director at Dentsu Aegis Network, stated in a post on LinkedIn:

“As marketers focus on making better content and getting it in front of more people, rather than churning out posts every day, it does become more and more viable to thoroughly test each one.”