US Companies Ahead Of UK In Terms Of Social Engagement

Social Media Content Channels

Recent research from Ivestis has found that UK companies are falling behind their US counterparts in terms of social media engagement and making the most of the platform for corporate purposes, Warc reports. American companies tend to use social media more effectively for communications purposes, with UK businesses needing to catch up.

The research reviewed more than 500 publicly-listed businesses in both the UK and US and looked into how they were using eight social media channels for corporate communications purposes. They were then scored in Investis’ ‘Social Media Review 2015’ report. The scores varied dramatically, with UK companies receiving a 26% score, but US companies storming ahead with 48%.

In terms of how companies from specific sectors performed, technology businesses averaged the highest score with 56%. Banks came in second with 49%, with the automobile sector coming in third with 48%. Food & beverage, retail and travel & leisure companies scored an average of 35%, 32% and 29% respectively.

The report noted that a number of companies tend to only invest in social media “after a bad experience.” This is because the platform is often seen as a “damage limitation tool”, but this is a misconception; social media is actually “a uniquely powerful tool for enhancing and maintaining a corporate reputation on an ongoing basis”, the report concluded.

A combination of corporate and marketing content shared on social media sites was also found to have a positive result for businesses, as was a committed and well-rounded social media strategy. A high volume of shared content and a genuine commitment to garnering engagement of the sites led to more views, interactions, shares and conversions, the report found.