UK Ranked Second Top Hub For Small Businesses On LinkedIn

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This morning I came across the results of a LinkedIn analysis that identifies the top global spots where the professional platform is most widely used by small businesses. The report shows there are 1.06 million LinkedIn users in the UK, ranking it second among the countries where it is most popular, eMarketer reports.

It comes as no surprise that the number of small-business professionals with LinkedIn accounts is the highest in the US, topping 6.87 million. India scored results similar to those of the UK, with 1.01 million small business users.

While bigger brands have already established a strong presence on LinkedIn and other social networks, small businesses are also trying to catch up with innovations in technology, as more and more entities are turning not only to the professional platform, but also to Facebook and mobile channels. What prevents them from engaging more actively on such platforms, however, is the lack of time and resources needed.

Tech business expert TJ McCue writes in a blog post for Forbes that what’s important for small businesses to engage more actively, particularly on LinkedIn, is encouraging staff to fully complete their profiles there to give prospective clients a clearer picture of their skills and expertise. It’s also critical to create a company page on LinkedIn: not only to get feedback about your business, but also to stay informed about competitors. Another option is to provide a products & services tab on the company page and ask customers to give recommendations about your business.