E-Gift Delivery Now Possible On Facebook With New Tool

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Internet users in the UK and Ireland now have the opportunity to buy and send presents via Facebook with the help of an innovative tool, which has been jointly developed by PrePay Solutions in partnership with Ticketmaster UK and gift card specialist¬†Hemingway’s.With the tool, which is essentially a delivery mechanism, users of the social media platform can search for their friends by name or date of birth and purchase an e-gift which the recipient will receive as a post on their Facebook wall. The person receiving the present gains access to a unique e-Gift code by clicking through the post, which directs them to Ticketmaster’s website.

The virtual gift system also allows both the recipient and their friends to post comments below the link. Those who want to give their gifts in person can make use of the print and fold option, which enables users to purchase a present and then print it out on their own. After folding the paper, it resembles a gift card with an impressive design.

The solution allows users to plan an e-gift delivery on their own and to schedule purchases and deliveries for the future.

This programme perfectly fits the needs of people with busy schedules, PrePay Solutions’ marketing director Ray Brash commented. Its 24-hour availability through a popular social media channel, such as Facebook, is a prerequisite for reaching a broad audience, he said.

According to Ticketmaster UK’s head Chris Edmonds, the launch of the tool is clear evidence that virtual gifting is already gaining steam in the UK and Ireland and is bound to stage a strong growth going forward.