Brands Seek Strong Customer Relationship Through Social Media Investments

AUK on Social Media Marketing

A recent blog post by Adam Sarner, research director at Gartner, who claims that – judging from the results established through the annual social media surveys of the IT research firm – enhancing customer relationships is the main reason that spurs brands’ investments in social media.

Sarner outlines the most common factors mentioned by marketers that drive businesses to pour money into strengthening their social media presence. The first, as mentioned above, is reinforcing relations with consumers. Second on firms’ priority list comes making their brand more recognisable and preferred among potential customers. What marketers also look to achieve via their social media strategies is enhanced communication with clients, suppliers and partners.

Creating interactive relationships between the brand and the consumer and boosting revenues via new products and customers round off the list of the top five factors that make brands invest in social media.

Marketers should find these results extremely useful since they show that all of the reasons identified come under their remit. They can also be linked to a material business advantage, i.e. generating revenue from clients.

The research specialist is upbeat that, over the next two years, social marketing will see improvements in terms of both investment and growth. In order to reap the benefits, however, marketers need to become capable of devising wise strategies, making their social marketing projects more than just a tool that ensures engagement. They should learn how to adapt social to corporate goals, how their initiatives can contribute to the business targets of their organisation and how the results will be measured.