Two-Thirds Of UK Internet Users Now On Facebook

AgencyUK on parent trends to Facebook ads

It was interesting to read that Internet users in the UK have become ardent addicts of Facebook, as two-thirds of people regularly going online visit the social platform as well, Silicon Republic reported.

The amount of time that people in the 18-34 age group, in particular, spend on Facebook equals the time that they stay in front of the TV set.

Based on data from Nielsen, Facebook also said that each month UK users spend seven hours on average on the platform. This also suggests that Facebook is used by UK users one in every five minutes online.

On average, Britons have 130 people on their friends list, with 71% of users aged 18 to 34 approaching their friends via the channel a couple of times each day.

In terms of gender, Facebook seems to be equally admired by both women and men, with the percentage of female fans slightly outpacing the rate for male counterparts – 51% vs 49%. A quarter of Britons that have a profile on Facebook are aged under 25. It’s also worth mentioning that people aged over 50 now account for about 30% of the site’s users.

Some 16% of the platform’s audience have also bought products recommended by a friend on Facebook. Another 23% have visited a restaurant or a bar after reading positive comments on Facebook or seeing an ad, 36% have played new songs and 37% have sought product recommendations from friends.

The report also showed that nearly 60% of younger users log on to Facebook once they get out of the bed and before going to sleep.