Customers’ Love With UK Brands Diminishing

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I read today an article in Bizreport outlining the results from a survey by customer experience specialist Strativity, which I think may make some UK organisations reconsider the way they treat and communicate with customers. Just like in marriage, relationships should be constantly nourished with thoughtfulness for the other’s needs to keep it healthy. The same applies when we talk about the relationship between business and consumers, Strativity’s CEO Lior Arussy said.

The survey found that nearly one in seven companies considers that they are in an on-off relationship with their customers, who continue to buy products from them only because they haven’t come across a better substitute. Almost 50% of UK firms believe that customers keep shopping with them because they have grown accustomed to the brand, while around a quarter attribute the loyalty of their clients to the attractive prices they offer.

These findings have made the researchers conclude that the love affair between business and the British consumer is in great danger.

Couples who have lived together for a long time know that good communication is the foundation of a strong marriage, but as the years go by, it becomes less and less efficient. That is the case with companies and clients as well and if firms talk to consumers only when they have a complaint to handle or on renewal dates, they risk losing them for good.

Businesses should try to revive their relationship, which could be achieved by catching customers’ attention with a new campaign, the launch of new products or a discount meant exclusively for them. Asking clients what their real needs are and trying to give them what they want will also make them believe that customer service is the first priority.