13% Of Britons Purchased Products After Viewing On Social Media Platforms

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A recent report from YouGov’s unit SixthSense which looked into UK consumers’ interactions with brands via social media networks. The report showed that despite the modest levels of communication, 23% of Internet-connected users have researched a product or a service after reading something on a social site, which is 6% more than this time last year.

Another 13% of Britons said that they have purchased a product after reading something on social media, representing a 7% increase from the previous year.

The results suggest that brands are strengthening their ability to effectively engage with consumers via the medium, but it seems that their efforts prove futile to some.

SixthSense has found that the share of people using Facebook in the UK has dropped by 9%, with the proportion of those shunning the medium due to irritation from marketing promotions having gone up by 18% from April 2012. A worrying 20% of Britons said that they left social media platforms, as they did not want their private information to be assessed by third parties. Britons’ acceptance of ads on networking platforms also appears to be quite low, as just 5% said that they have clicked on an ad in the past year. Less than 10% claimed that they considered targeted advertising on social channels as relevant to their interests.

The findings suggested that the attitudes of most social media users towards brands’ marketing strategies are fairly negative. Some 35% of respondents admitted that they even hide company updates if they appear too frequently.