Images Extremely Important In Consumers Shopping Journeys

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I recently read results from a study conducted by visual content specialist WeSEE, revealing that young online users no longer favour traditional text-based queries to find products on the Internet; they are increasingly relying on imagery to better-inform their decisions.

Research from the web data firm shows that two in five online users aged 18-34 would be happy for their shopping journey to be based on images to make their experience more visual. Some 25% of the 1,000 consumers polled prefer to see items in search results based on websites they have visited. Another 16% want to receive product offers that take into account images they have shared, liked or posted. More than one in ten young online shoppers would be happy to be given the chance to purchase products displayed on social media without the need to visit another page.

WeSEE labels the 18-34 demographic the new “visual generation”. These people are extremely willing to use latest shopping technologies and demand more visual technology for shopping on the high street, online or via their smartphones.

Images are a chief component of young consumers’ path to purchase, with 40% of the sample saying they have taken a picture of an item in-store with their mobile devices. Another 45% would like to be able to take a picture of a product with their smartphone and to be immediately directed to the site that offers the item.