UK Mothers Are Top Users Of Social Networks

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Women spend more time on social networks than men, but especially those with children. In July, the average mother stayed online for 443.3 minutes, or 17 minutes more than the average British woman.

These are insights from a comScore study I stumbled upon recently, which points to another interesting fact: men with kids show higher affinity for social platforms than the average UK male, although they are yet to reach the time their wives spend in the digital space.

The research takes into account the time dedicated to social media at home or at work without counting minutes spent on mobile. comScore suggests that the figures would be even higher if adding mobile to the calculations, as a growing share of social networking now takes place on the move.

British mothers excel in social media time, but they are also leading the chart in terms of social network accounts. Facebook is now popular with 79% of mums, which is the same as the percentage of women accessing video site YouTube. By comparison, Facebook is used by 72% of the country’s population, while YouTube is accessed by 67% of UK online users.

Some 27% of mums are now registered with micro-blogging website Twitter, while Tumblr is a hub favoured by one in five of them. UK women with children also like spending time on Instagram, as mentioned by 17% of them, while another 9% also use Pinterest. Overall, UK mothers’ use of these less popular channels is between one and five percentage points higher than among other web visitors.