53% Of Travel Marketers Lack Multilingual Online Strategy

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The Internet is a vital hub for people planning their holiday. But according to the results of a recent research study, the travel industry is still not taking advantage of the online opportunity by failing to provide online content that is compelling enough.

The study, carried out by Axxon Research among 470 travel marketing professionals, suggests that online content is yet to pick up pace among many firms across the industry to become an important tool for boosting sales and raising conversions. For instance, more than one in two of respondents said they realise the value of targeting consumers with video content, but this appeared to be a technique not used by any of them.

The study, titled “Sun, Sea and Content Marketing: Producing the Right Content for Travellers,” also showed that while 34% generated non-English content, 53% of travel marketers were yet to devise a multilingual strategy.

When it comes to bringing in new customers, social media was found to be the most popular channel for engagement, used by 85% of the sample. Three in five marketers also generated online blog and news content and more than 80% said they publish content on the homepage of their website.

Families were identified as the top target group by respondents, cited by 65% of marketers. Consumers craving for adventure holidays were mentioned by 42%, followed by people interested in eco-friendly or budget vacations, according to 28% of the marketing professionals targeted in the study.