Mobile Devices Most Discussed Topic On Social Media

AUK on Social Media Marketing

It is a well-known fact that users of social media sites regularly share their opinions on a number of topics. A recent infographic from GlobalWebIndex (GWI) revealed that mobile phones are the most widely discussed topic on social media sites.

The study among Internet users aged 16-64 showed that nearly over a quarter of users – 27% – have posted an opinion about a mobile device in the past month. Computers as a topic followed closely, with 23% of respondents recalling computer technology related posts. The high position of these two topics in the opinion poll highlights the importance of the Internet as a place to share technology reviews and discuss digital products, according to the researcher.

Entertainment is also a major topic of interest, as 22% of consumers have posted opinions related to films and 19% have done so about music. Books were less popular, but still received a mention in 15% of respondent’s posts.

The results from the survey were released to mark London Fashion Week and to show how Internet users seek to initiate discussions about fashion and clothing on social media. According to the findings, 21% of consumers have shared posts related to the fashion industry. Users aged 16-24 were more likely to talk about fashion on social channels, as well as people claiming to be brand-savvy.

Other topics that are of interest to online users include travel/holidays, which generated 17% of discussions, technology/gadgets – also fueling 17% of discussions. Groceries and fast food both contributed to 16% of online discussions.