Trends That Will Shape Social Media Marketing In 2015

Social Media Marketing

The social media world has experienced a number of changes throughout its history, and 2014 will be no exception, seeing yet another wave of emerging trends that will immediately impact the way marketers build their social media strategies. Business2Community has taken a peek into the future of social media, in an attempt to identify the major trends that will guide the work of industry professionals this year.

The arrival of social media has had a major impact on the way marketers perform their job. This year its impact on traditional advertisement and endorsement techniques will be even more pronounced; native advertising will re-emerge to take a central role in social media marketing, as a means to increase sales by helping marketers attract the consumer’s attention with ads that fit the context of their experience.

Employee engagement will also play a more important role this year, as companies seek to make the most of their staff power. Each staff member has their own social networking circle and if the network of each employee is taken into account, there is certainly the potential to ensure a strong base for promoting company business.

The social media efforts of an organisation will also be greatly influenced by the revised marketing rules of the biggest networking platform available – Facebook. Last year, changes to the site made it impossible for small businesses and non-profits to use Facebook ads as they became too expensive.

Fusion marketing will also be one of the most important key phrases in 2014. While many marketers already use the approach, which essentially combines traditional marketing methods with novel digital marketing techniques over the web, this year will likely see a steep increase in fusion marketing trends.