50% Of “Baby Boomers” Admit To Showrooming

Baby boomer consumer generation

New research from retail technology expert Omnico Group has revealed that “Baby Boomers” are the generation leading the rapidly evolving trend of showrooming. This is a trend where consumers browse in-store, only to go online later and purchase the same products at cheaper prices.

Although it’s easy to assume that it’s a younger demographic driving this new shopping behaviour, given its strong attachment to smart devices, the study of 2,000 adults in the UK showed that only 37% of consumers in the 18-24 age group admitted to showrooming. In contrast, showrooming is a practice popular with 50% of shoppers aged between 55 and 59, Omnico found.

However, whilst “Baby Boomers” are more likely to compare prices online while shopping in-store, “Millennials” are more likely to shop using loyalty programmes such as vouchers or mobile loyalty schemes. Some 29% of those aged 18-24 say that they consider such schemes an incentive to give their custom to a retailer, compared to 25% of older smartphone users.

The increasing popularity of showrooming with “Baby Boomers” may surprise many, Omnico’s chief technology officer Steve Thomas commented. Instead of shopping for offers while on the move, younger consumers look to make use of mobile loyalty schemes. This gives brands a “golden opportunity” to reach this demographic (known as “Generation Y”) via intuitive mobile apps and offers, in a bid to boost loyalty. In order to guarantee optimal engagement, retailers need a mix of loyalty schemes, offers and other promotions that work seamlessly across all platforms, he said.