Are Silver Surfers Responsive To Social Media Marketing?


Consumers over the age of 50 are often ignored by online marketing campaigns, as many brands assume this older demographic are not engaged with the digital landscape. However, reports have confirmed the influx of “Silver Surfers” to online channels. Econsultancy has shed light on the matter and revealed the reasons that make it so hard to understand how older people interact with brands on social media

First, it’s essential to note that the social behaviour of silver surfers is not necessarily synonymous with their online behaviour. Older users surf the web for a specific reason – they tend to visit a limited number of sites for research and check products they have been recommended by friends. Targeting this demographic is worth the effort, but the results depend on what you aim to achieve by earning their loyalty, according to the digital marketing expert.

If attracting an older generation of users is about boosting awareness about your brand, the chances are your effort will be crowned with success. Marketers will be even more likely to do well if they add Facebook and Twitter to their Silver Surfer marketing arsenal, as the two platforms offer intelligent tools for biddable marketing that will further improve content visibility.

Deploying a smart, relevant content strategy will help better communicate your message; according findings from Seven revealed last year, 57% of older consumers in the UK have a more positive attitude towards brands offering content that exclusively addresses their needs and behaviour.

When targeting silver surfers on social media, it’s also important to use more conventional methods of measurement, as success cannot be recognised by Facebook numbers alone.