First Three Weeks Crucial For Brand Engagement On Twitter

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Recent research has revealed that brands have a maximum of three weeks to engage new users on Twitter, or risk losing them completely, SocialBro suggests.

Data from the social media expert shows that companies who fail to engage with users within the first three weeks risk losing up to 15% of new connections. The baseline churn rate for user engagement with companies after one week is 5%, which can extend further to 15% after three weeks for brands unable to spark interest with followers.

More influential or famous brands, or those with over 100,000 followers, were found to be the least likely to be unfollowed by new users. Research suggests just 1% to 3% of followers become disengaged in the first week and 10% after three weeks.

The findings imply that the more influential a brand is, the more likely followers are to hold on to it, said Javier Buron, CEO and founder of SocialBro.

There are a few simple steps that brands could follow to slash their churn rate and engage with followers. One of them is making an effort to “follow back” by using lists to listen to their most valuable followers, Buron says. There is a real person behind every Twitter account and brands need to go all out in their attempts to reach them, just as they would in a physical store. Showing that you cherish users’ engagement by mentioning them, thanking them for following your brand and ‘favourite’-ing their tweets is also a good way to keep your target audience hooked.