When Is The Best Time To Post On Social Media?

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Posting regularly on social media is crucial for brands wishing to keep followers engaged, but knowing when to post is also key to success. The best time to post on each platform varies and also depends on the type of business and audience engagement patterns. Marketing departments that are yet to come up with individual timetables for when to post can use recent findings from various online sources, helpfully combined by the Business2Community website, to help businesses determine when to schedule their content and therefore garner the most attention.

On Facebook, the likelihood of generating strongest interest with users is with content posted between 6am and 8am and 2pm and 5pm on weekdays. Mobile customers on Facebook currently number 751 million; reaching the 80% of mobile users who check Facebook on their phones early in the morning, or approaching consumers at the end of the working day, is key, as most users are unlikely to be on the platform during work hours.

Marketers using Twitter are recommended to tweet mostly on weekends, preferably between 1pm-3pm. Engagement on the micro-blogging network service is usually 30% higher on weekends. Sticking to short tweets containing up to 100 characters is the best way to generate retweets.

On Google+, posts delivered between 9am and 11am tend to bring the best results. It is recommended that companies on Google+ research their audience to determine an optimum time for targeting users with content marketing.

With most networks, the worst time to post content is generally in the evenings through to the early morning – with the exception of Pinterest, where engagement levels peak between 2am-4am at the weekends.